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What is a Solution Partner

Our partners are companies specialized in offering and implementing advanced solutions for core business areas: management, analysis, communications, sales, consultancy, technology and marketing.

In Sales Layer we choose our partners based on their knowledge and technological capabilities, key to optimising our PIM potential.

Plus, our partners have extraordinary advantages and they can go a step further in their sales strategy with our collaboration.

Implementation advice

Integrating preexistent information sources and connecting the system to the necessary communication and sales channels.

Constant training and support for clients

We provide our partners with guidance and resources for all the clients and accounts that they bring for mutual collaboration.

Complementary help

Sales Layer offers customized consultancy to analyze your client’s needs and achieve the best results.

Become a Partner

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If you are a company specialized in offering and implementing advanced solutions for management, communications, sales or marketing, and you are looking for a higher growth rate from your customer base, then Sales Layer could be your strongest ally.

We bring you solutions that are easy to explain, easy to sell and easy to manage. And with constant support and guidance from the Sales Layer team.

Whether you sell our products to your clients or prefer to offer related services to our customers, we have the most complete package in the PIM market.

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Begin your expansion with the best eCommerce partners and get certified:

One day of intensive training at Sales Layer in order to provide you with a deep knowledge about how our PIM works.

One training day to give you the guidelines in the process of pre-sales and sales. This session includes training on how the PRM monitoring system works.

Gold member from the beginning

We make the growth of your benefits easier year after year. Our sales team works for you too, identifying potential clients that could boost your business. Your trust in Sales Layer means that we respect and reward your efforts.

  • Up to 30 free hours of technical support per year.
  • 15% each new successful lead.

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